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Matroska has several components that are licensed in different ways to maximize it's software and hardware adoption.

LibEBML A simplified binary extension of XML for the purpose of storing and manipulating data in a hierarchical form with variable field lengths. LGPL
LibEBML2 Another EBML parser with a similar interface to libEBML but written in C and under the BSD license. BSD
LibMatroska A C++ libary to parse Matroska files, it requires libEBML or libEBML2. LGPL
Core C A low level API layer for the C programming language. BSD

There is no cost to use the components as long as you respect the license it is released under.

Commercial Products

To help Matroska evolve we do encourage companies that release commercial hardware or software products that use Matroska or EBML to become a sponsor. In exchange for your sponsorship, we allow the sponsor to use the Matroska logo's and trademarks in packaging, physical products, promotional material, and on their websites.

To find out more information, see the Sponsors section.