Legal aspects

The Matroska association

Matroska is supported by a non-profit organisation in France (association loi 1901). All official inquiries should go through that association (see our contact page. We can sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if your project/business requires it.

The Matroska association is currently composed of Steve Lhomme ("president", founder of the project), Ludovic Vialle ("trésorier" = accountant, supporter of the project since day 1) and Moritz Bunkus ("secrétaire", maker of the MKVToolNix tools).


The address of the Matroska association is:

205, rue de Lille
Appt 19
F-59100 Roubaix

Usage of names & logos

Matroska is an open and free technology. Anyone can use it or modify it for their own needs without paying any license or patents.

However the name and the logo may NOT be used freely under some circumstances. This is to ensure that the technology is not devalued by incorrect implementations or defamation. The name and logos may only be used without any permission in non commercial context. For commercial use (reading, writing, extending) we ask that you contact us to make sure we can verify Matroska is used correctly. We do ask that if you derive value from using Matroska that you are invited to sponsor us to promote the use and evolution of Matroska further. Please contact us in such a case.

You can also make sure that your product(s) meet some minimum requirements by testing with our validator and/or test suites.

The logos and Trademarks are owned by Matroska.